Feb 16, 2013
Oxford Mills, On
1981 C3 / 1988 C4
Hey guys. Has anyone ever had to replace the drivers power seat switch bezel? Mine is cracked, have the new one, but it looks like I will have to remove the entire seat assy and disconnect the switch harness in order to do this. Am I right? Is there an easier way?? Any tips to doing this??? Anyone want to do it for me????
... If just replacing the power seat bezel on the seat bolster, I don't think you will have to take out the seat.
However; I am not sure as I have never done this. @ Corvette America there is a 4 part video on re-doing the seat covers..... If you watch the part 4 video it may be of some help....wish I could tell you more.....and NO...do it yourself.

Seat cover video.
Unless you cut the wires (I strongly discourage doing this) and spliced them together. The proper way is to pop out the bottom seat and disconnect the switches harness. Then pull them thru the top opening. There's some air hoses connection in there so be careful how you get them off. Preference should be given to the forums sponsors, it's not a difficult job so should not cost you much. I've changed bezels a few times myself on my cars also so I realize there's always the danger of breaking some old loosely soldered connection in there if you're not careful and don't have the tools to repair it yourself.
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