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Aug 4, 2012
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1975 stingray
Hey guys and gals

Looking for some advice on rocker repair/replacement, my channels are good but my A and B pillar mounts are rotten. I see the usual parts places have the repair parts, I guess the question is do the pieces fit over the existing channels and the A and B slide up inside the posts or do I have to replace the whole channel? I would love to just weld one channel on the other if I could. Also, does anyone know anybody in the sand blasting biz for my frame?Thankfully its in great shape, I'm in the Stouffville area so something close would be nice but can trailer anywhere.

Thanks for the advice in advance, I will post some picks of my 75 frame off when I figure how.....LOL

Great posts on here, I have learned quite a bit so far from reading about what you guys have done to your cars.

Hey Jeff,

Sounds like a job for our man Manny Dasilva of Dasilva Motorsports Inc. He's one of our sponsors here at CCF as well as a friend and fellow 'vette enthusiast.

He'll lead you in the right direction I'm sure.

Good luck with repairs. There are quite a few great C3's on here that you'd be very impressed with.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing about yours.

Glad to hear you're moving along with the restoration, mywyld. I hadn't heard from you for quite some time. I would contact Manny as well for advice.
How bad is the rust? post some pictures.

The 'B' pillar is accessable from the rear wheel area once you take off the panel at the front of the wheel well the 'A' piller is more difficult
Thanks for the replies,
My computer is being a little fussy on the pics but will keep at it, hopefully have some pics posted this weekend. I found a blaster and powder coating place in newmarket yesterday, about $1200 to do the frame and front end parts. Still going to get a few more quotes though. I am going to be in the garge this weekend taking a closer look at the channels, Where is DaSilva located again?
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