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Oct 19, 2012
So its time for all the car shows and I have been seeing a lot of RESTOMODS. So I thought I would ask the members how they feel about RESTOMODS and what they would consider a cool mod. I would love to have a c1 convertible with maybe an LS3 engine in it. Anyone else?
Sorry, when it comes to C1's and C2's, I'm a purist. Even the chrome bumper C3's I like to see original. But that's just me.
I'm not against upping the power but keep it looking original. I want to do that to mine someday but keep the exterior of the motor original. I like the sleeper look.
Guess I would fall into the purist group as well. However I have seen some mighty nice mods...... I guess it is what every turns your crank. Like grandpa use to say " if everyone liked the same things; then everyone would be after grandma".
I like the idea of restomods.....not every guy has the mechanic ability to tinker with some of the older drivetrains. It was a big toss up for me before i bought the 2013 Z06.....62" restomod from Barrett-Jackson or brand new with warranty? I love the looks of the c2's but want to drive the car....and have it dependable. The restomod would have maintained it's value or appreciated...while the new Z will hemorrhage depreciation.....oh well....have yet to see the brinks truck follow the hearse......

I appreciate both stock cars and vehicles where the owner has integrated the old technology with new. I'm sure the owner of the Bada ss 71 Corvette (What's a Bada SS? :D) appreciates being able to turn the key and have the Corvette fire right up every time. Plus the fuel economy, ability to drive across the country without worry, and docile nature of a 638 hp modern engine verses an good old big block making that much power has got to be worth something.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that I have to idle my Chevelle for a few minutes before I take it out on the street but that's part of it's character and lets me imagine what these cars were like back in the day. If I was daily driving it, I may not love that so much and would have to walk more as I couldn't afford paying the dollar per mile it costs in fuel. If I had a modern engine in the Chevelle it would take some of the history and excitement out of driving it and maybe I would drive it more, maybe I wouldn't stress about taking it a few hours on the highway, but that's what I have the Corvette for.

I think if I had to only have one vehicle it would be the Chevelle with an LS7 and six speed as that would blend the best of both worlds. As stated, it would take some of the history out of the car but allow me to use it more so it's a toss up.
I'm a purist but open minded .Saw an after market molded C1 bond mounted on a LS3 aftermarket frame in Florida last winter looked pretty cool .
some of us just aren't lucky enough to find an original one so we got to make do with what we have...she ain't pretty, she just looks that way!
Hi Kids.
I do like the stock ones but I think there are many reasons to modify a Vette.
I was at my painters shop a couple of months ago and he had a '59 Corvette in there getting done. The customer has owned the car for 40+ years and it has been sitting for the past few years because it is not the most comfortable car to drive now. When he was younger it was fine but he is 'our' age and the car sits. SO! He decided to put a late model motor in it c/w computer, add power steering, reupholster the seats for comfort and add a decent radio.
I think this is great...the power steering allows the use of a smaller steering wheel and therefore easier to get in and out.
He is now excited about his car again...It is in for new paint and will see the road later this summer. Nothing he has done cannot be undone by the next owner! Very cool.
Our club is organizing a Corvette show for father's day, June 16th/2013. I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by the local owner of a '58 RestoMod Vette. This car is a recent Grand National Show class winner @ Pomona, CA earlier this year. I have seen pictures and I am excited to see this car in person and have it showcased at our club event.
The Riverside Corvette Club British Columbia
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