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Mar 5, 2011
brighton ontario/Port Charlotte Fla
03 50th Aniversary
On my way back from the hot and steamy south, I dropped in at World of Fine Cars on Kipling in Toronto to see the '03 50th 6 speed that I had put a deposit on over the phone. It is like a new car. The battery is dead in it because it sat for 2 weeks so they are putting a brand new Delco GM battery in it. It has some kind of after market mufflers on it which they are going to replace with the original exhaust which came supplied. They are going to detail the heck out of it, which is not much and I will pick it up when it is ready.
If anyone is interested in the exhaust, you can email me. I don't know what kind of exhaust it is.( sort of triangular oval tips...if that makes any sense) I will swap it for a custom car cover.
After the nonsense with Lack of Courtesy and Integrity Chev, this dealership is a breath of fresh air. The salesman is 80 years old. He is a hoot who laughs at all my corny jokes and cannot do enough for me.
Walking into their showroom, I found myself with the tough decision of whether to buy the Porsche Carerra or the Maserati...so I stuck with the vette.
This man knows his limitations.... and my wife would kill me.
looks like you found a nice car, glad it worked out for you. My friend has one that he bought new, only has 5000 km on it, never drives it much, not interested in selling so far.
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