Not too long ago someone made reference to carrying a compressor and tire repair kit in their car in case a runcrap was punctured. That got me thinking that perhaps I should be doing the same thing for piece of mind. As there is no spare or even a jack (no jack points that a jack could reach anyway) with the ZR1, onsite tire repair is all there is. My question is for those of you who are in a similar predicament is this. Do you recommend a particular model or brand of 12V compressor or is any of the ones on the shelf at crappy tire suitable? I also know I can drive approx. 80km on a runcrap but then the tire is finished for sure.
Can't speak to your ZR1, but I have used one of them little crappy tire ones for 20 plus years. I carry it with me in my truck, in case of a slow leak or something like that. Have used it a number of times after picking up a nail when I still worked... (the steel mill was full of things that like to go in tires) I also use it on my golf caddy when I get to the course and the tires are low. Back in my camping days, I use it to blow up air mattress and water toys. Great little thing to have around. Slow. but it will get the job done.
Well, the Canadian Tire site is less than useful as I was going to point out the pump I have. I bought a small pump that has a pressure display built in. I got it on sale and have used it quite a few times. I also carry a can of slime, pliers, and side cutters as well as a plug kit in my car. I haven't had to use it yet but it gives a little comfort on the road.
CAA can't handle a ZR1 as they can't be towed (per owner manual). Need a car trailer or truck with flatbed which CAA won't pay for so no benefit to me to join for the ZR1. Have it for DD though.
CAA covers the driver so if you have it Terrry for your DD then you have it for any vehicle you're driving. And they do pay for a flatbed. I've used one twice this year.

My other car, and it's not even a Corvette :)
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