Try TFX International. I used them to ship my C5 back home to Calgary from Ontario. They were very professional and treated it like gold. Highly recommended. :coolgleam:
At Gateway we usually use Adesa Transport for long distance transport needs. They are insured and bonded.

Adesa Transport | Car Shipping | Car Shipping | Car Transport | Auto Shipping

They also have a location in Edmonton and one in Ottawa.

Back in Sept 2013 we shipped our first 2014 C7 to Halifax and it cost around $2500 I think. Customer picked up the vehicle at Adesa's local depot close to Halifax.

In your case if you can convince your dealer to flat bed it to their location in Edmonton instead of Adesa having to pick it up from the dealer it could save you around $500 for pickup. Since gas is cheaper now I doubt the transport costs would have gone up. Also if you can pickup the vehicle from their depot instead of having it shipped straight to your residence you would avoid spending more.

Get a quote yourself and then also get your dealer to get a quote from the same place. and go with the lower quote. The quote they give to the dealer will likely be lower as they will also benefit from lower taxes. If you can somehow convince the dealer to split the cost with you then that will be ideal.

best of luck!
Call TFX, I used them to move mine from Oklahoma to Midland. They treat the car as if it was their own, reasonable prices too!
Thank you, will call them.
I have used both TFX and Mackie in the past. On my last purchase they couldn't guarantee me next available truck a few months ago from Swift Current to Missauga terminal. No discounts either for any club members affiliations that I received in the past. I used Thorsons and got a slightly reduced rate, white glove service, no drops or repositioning once in the trailer and indoor storage once at there terminal before pickup. I used to do this. Accidents can happen
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