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Oct 1, 2013
hello friend i am new in this forum and i love to eat the different varieties of food. i am always ready to taste the new food.Now a days i am at Burnaby here i taste many varieties of pizza and many other food. But i most like the varieties of PizzaPizzeria Restaurant. This Will serve the great quality and a best taste of pizza.................I love and enjoy the food...........
Interesting that it is actually in the correct section! Best two places I like to go for Pizza in Regina are Sparky's and Tumbler's although Tumbler's is too expensive. Other good pizza places are Weston's and Triffon's.

Don't forget Wild Bills Pizza in Nipawin.......a hometown favourite for returning university kids....
Thanks for giving a positive response to my thread thanks friend....enjoy have fun.......
Thanks friend for giving such a great response to my topic i hope you all are liking this.....having fun....
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