First Underside Pics lots and lots of pics!!
so as far as i can tell there is only 1 thing mechanically that needs immediate attention. And it was telegraphed when the owner called me a week before the scheduled trip and said, “i cant get the trans in into any gear”

i advised him to check the clutch fluid level, and if low, top up and pump the pedal 100times. that worked. (the slipping clutch phonecall came later!)

one amazing thing to report is that other than a drip of coolant which looks very fresh (no witness scum of a long term leaking coolant situation) i suspect the weephole is letting some out now that the car went from zero to 100 for 7hrs of driving. No biggie.

But in terms of evidence of leaking, yeah, the bellhousing is drenched with oil and dust scum. Possible pan leaking near rear main, or possible rear main. Possible oily clutch? Maybe. We will find out!

Now for the pics. All in all, its dirty, but VERY FEW issues. đź‘Ťđź‘Ťđź‘Ť

checkout how i found the slave cylinder attached:


estimate what, a quarter inch of clutch throw missing? amazingly the syncros and trans shift smooth as silk! could that have contributed to the spinning clutch over time?


time to lift the car on the max jax

doh, the non retracting antenna prevents me from being able to sit under the car in an old office chair

car has its spare

trailing arms have red bushings. i assume those are red poly.

middle cat deleted

this is interesting. the steel pipe for the oil / coolant heat exchanger is dc’d and basic rubber line put in its place. the rubber line isnt super hard but id wager there are more than a few chafe points along that pathing.

we know it was somewhat maintained. i see evidence that wear items on the car were replaced.

booyah. the springs are all in good shape.

clearly all 4 rims were rusty. i heard it when applying the brakes once on the road in spokane. eventually the rusted rotors were machined by the pads. brakes feel fine and normal now.

rear booyah

rear shocks are these kyb’s. not good enough to manage the stiff springs i dont think based on what i read. 4 replacement bils are on order. the fronts are still factory bils. rear end of this car is ALL OVER THE PLACE when one side of the car hits a bump. i cant imagine that being caused by the kybs or so many wouldnt use them as a cheap alternative (they are cheaper but shouldnt be mistaken for bilstien equivilent).


Hey @WVZR-1 this is the code for fast rack right? Sure felt like fast rack. My theory is that the non fx3 cars were given the fast rack priority

just surface scratches. impressive. given the level of overall wear on the car....i was expecting to find these smashed.

Saw this as i was coming out the back. I did see the car was originally a nebraska car đź‘Ť
Originally Posted by Mixednuttz
That's odd that the hard line for the oil cooler coolant line has been bypassed. Maybe it has a crack somewhere?
not sure but i think engine will be coming out to be resealed and cleaned up so ill deal with that then.

next step on the car is to remove the antenna. i cant lift it high enough to sit in my old office chair...need to get that done before i start yanking things apart. ill be fast tracking the clutch and hydraulics, to get the car past inspection so i can get it registered up here. thats the only thing that would fail it.

we all want to know why that clutch is slipping!
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this car needs an enema
In order to lift the car up on my max jaxx two post lift (i love this thing, its cheap and easy and perfect for those of us with normal garage heights, i roll around in an old office chair under the car) i have to get the antenna down. im removing it. pulled the driver rear wheel and wheel well.

wow there was at least 4 lbs of dirt and grit right here:


So i vacuumed it all out, but then you know, while you are in there, you may as well pressure washer it all. Planning on keeping this car (i view it as the penultimate early car....except my 89 missed the quick steering ratio...)i can rectify this) and turning it into a street legal track day / time trials car with most likely a sbc superram and eventually an Lq9 swap if that blows up.

Anyway, my plan for the morning is to get this antenna out, jack it up, and pressure wash it. That will make working on it much nicer.

A trick i used on some nasty c4 undercarriages is to spray down with “citrol” let soak, use the old bed sheets under the car, and blast away. The water seeps through the bed sheets while the grime, oil schmegma, and grittyness gets caut in the sheet. i then drape the sheet over my fence and clean it off to be used again for same purpose.

So....i started out just removing the antenna, which turned into cleaning the undercarriage. That will make dropping the trans nicer. Im getting older and my ability to put up crap falling in my eyes is getting narrowed. Id rather just clean it and add an extra day!
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