Nov 3, 2012
buckhorn ontario
well our east end gang had a nice little get together today. what a great break from the drab cabin fever that sets in at this time of year. our meeting was certainly not dull , good conversations and lots of laughs. kudos to keith tedford for suggesting the venue - couldn't have had a better place keith. there were eight of us and more could have been easily accommodated. four of us were forum guys and four friends, six corvette owners i believe. i hope tqrcr didn't catch cold on the ride home. dan does your wife really buy that you went to lunch and not a card game ? :rofl: this was something i sure would look forward to doing again - anyone else ? :D :canada: doug.
Sounds like a good get-to-gether. sure had a good day for it.......... but you know what they say..NO PICTURES; it didn't happen .
i have pics but no clue how to post them. i can email them to someone to post, keith tedford and i are trying to work something out. i'm afraid that my skills lean more toward greasy grimey wrenchin' :rofl: fear not, the pics are a comin' lads. :D

Sounds good but no pics UGGGGG......
I'll pm my email and post them for you.

OOOPS -- if Crusher can't do it.

Here are the pics guys...Enjoy :)







fantastic crusher, thanks so much. ok names and faces. the bottom picture will probably be the easiest to label. here goes - facing the camera from left is keith tedford, tqrcr, 67heaven, keith's friend ken. back to camera from left keith's friend pat, tqrcr's friend bob, the invisible man, my neighbour rick mcquarrie. rick is president of corvettes of peterborough - a local club. the invisible man is visible in some of the other photos. :D doug.
Great to see all you guys. Looks like you had a great meet......Hope to meet you all this coming summer.

Poker at a meet 'n greet .... that's a first.
I'll have to brush up on my tells. :D

........good job Peter. Thanks for posting. Got to have pics.

A very enjoyable lunch (the food too). Thanks to Keith Tedford and buckhorn76 for arranging the venue. Nice setting. Next time I go by the airport on the way into Peterborough, I'll stop in again for lunch.

I found the conversations easy and the guys to be good company. I was pleasantly surprised to see a Peterborough resident I had known in Corvetting some 35 or so years ago. And as you can imagine, we all had many similar experiences over the years and good stories to impress each other. ;)

My apologies for running off at the end but a call came in requiring an emergency service call.

Wasn't Riley supposed to fly in?

Cheers to all.
i really enjoyed today and would like to see if it's something we might be interested in doing on a regular basis. dan, maybe next time you might have something in my size ? :rofl:

If you learned to play poker better, you just might have won a jacket too. Dale really likes the one I got. Thanks Dan. ;) That was a most excellent get together.
I had a nice room in the basement all to myself. It was full of all my trophies, car books, car magazines, my computer and printer and a whole whack of nice shiny restored Holley carbs, nos voltage regulators and such. Guess what? It's a quilting room now and I was sent packing with my car stuff to the garage. Doug, we'll have to get together and feel sorry for each other. Hey!! I just had an idea Doug, perhaps we could get the wives to make us nice fancy quilted car covers to keep our cars warm in the winter. What do you think?
That great guys....... Boy you guys are all old farts, not like us young "mudders" ...... ROFL
It really is nice to see another group of forum guys getting together. It will be great in the spring when maybe we can all find the time to meet up.......... CCF rocks...
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