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Nov 14, 2011
Jarvis Ontario
1988 Convertable
Over the year I have developed a couple of paint chips in the front of my car. Looking around the inter-web, I have found a company in Ontario that claims to have the best chip repair kits available. This co. is called Chip Fixx.

Does anyone have any experience with this product?
Can anyone steer me in the direction of a product you know of that is good to work with?
Any other information that someone can give would be welcome.

I really hate looking at this few chips every time I clean her up.......... :eek:
I too am interested in this as I have one good chip on the front bumper and a couple of others on the front and sides; I find with these C3's a stone takes a bit of fiberglass with it and not just the paint so I need something that can fill more than the paint chip.

Good morning,

Would you care to weigh in on the previous 3M thread? I'm really having to think about this given the highly positive comments that were posted to the original thread. Maybe it would be time toget it done next time the chips are fixed........


No doubt about it Garry. The 3m thing is just what I would be doing if it was a new car or new paint.
Good morning CB,

It doesn't have to be a new car or new paint. Might I point out that yoru car is yellow?

'nuff said............


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