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Dec 2, 2012
2011 Grand Sport

I'm sure we won't see too many people doing this with the new Stingray ... :)

I remember seeing this car at Pinecrest Speedway many years ago ..This was a 1/4 mile paved oval Stock Car track.

I even thought it was a waste at the time .

This is part of my yard (as of Friday)... so if you have a dirt track car you want to test, come visit!

The pond is going to go where the darker vegetation is, and the golf green close to the bottom of the picture :D

This is Pinecrest Speedway ..It was "THE" place to be for Stock Car racing in the Toronto area from the late 50's till (I Believe) around the 1980's when it was torn down for ..whatever .... :(

Notice the number of cars in the parking lot ... we had to run for our cars just after the feature race ended, or sometimes it would take an hour or more to get out of the parking lot ! !

I spent most every Saturday night there for many years ..In fact I used to hitch-hike there and back (about 25 miles) before I was old enough to drive !

It sure would be nice if we had crowds like that now .. :canada:
Riley, if they put a stock nose and head lights back in that thing, I could almost like it. :) It's nice to see a track actually being resurrected. Developers just see real estate for houses and malls so the tracks are all disappearing.
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