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Nov 15, 2009
I admit-I am a cartruckaholic,just wondering what else you guys have to waste time/money on,i'll list mine.

1988 Buick Reatta, black coupe,unique in its own way,i think it was the only handbuilt gm car,dissapointing powertrain though.(3.8l 165hp)

1988 Dodge Daytona Shelby "Z" t-top 2.2l intercooled turbo-2 engine,5 speed trans,bought this a few years back from the original owner,as much the fact its just a k-car they are allmost imposible to find in good shape and left all stock,i do get alot of compliments on this car.

1985 Chevy silverado,loaded longbox 2 wheel drive,has 128,000 org kms,super good body and as loaded as a 85 could get,spent lots on it last summer,will be for sale this spring.

1988 Audi 5000 Quattro turbo,built like a tank,5cyl audi turbos are addicting,nothing feels or sounds like one,this is my ice racing car!

2008 Specialized stumpjumper pro hardtail,not a car,but a moneypit none the less,i managed to put over 1000kms on this mountain bike last summer,i love cross country riding,keeps a guy in shape too!

Coming soon- Looking at getting a 92-1993 GMC Typhoon,i wanted one of these so bad when they came out,i was not even old enough to drive,but remember "Motor Trend" magazine was raffling one off,i think i entered 8 times and prayed a would win!
This is my son's 2001 BMW 325Ci , that we have been working on for about a year now :


nice bimmer.... i've had a few in my day... great cars!!! my last was a nice 7 series...

my other money pit?? I wife with a purse addiction, never ending home improvements and 3 kids!!

I have the family too,kid #5 is due this spring,lucky our house is still new enough not to become a moneypit yet,the cars are kind of sanity keeper,and my two oldest boys (8 and 10)have interest in them too,however they would be much more pleased if i had a nissan Skyline with a four foot wing!:D
That is one clean looking BMW,love the two tone combo.

My son came up with the concept for the paint .

We have done :

Brembo brakes with Hawk pads
Engineered Short shifter
Momo shifter and ebrake
Alcatra shift boots
19" deep dish wheels with Nitto NT05's
Custom front clip

This year we are looking to do exhaust ,headers and some tuning.
That Bimmer looks fantastic!

As for my stuff,

Vehicle number 1:
1985 GMC S-15 4X4 Reg Cab Short Box. Been in the family since new. Last year I replaced the box, doors, cab corners, rocker panels, fenders and hood. Painted it flat green and all the trim black because it's not worth much so I wanted to have fun with it. Now it gets some attention! There is a picture on this forum if you care to see it.

Vehicle Number 2:
1966 Chevelle, 396 4-speed car. Was two speed power glide. Installed a Richmond 4-speed so that it would be fun to drive. Still needs a posi rear end with some decent gears. Great driver, but will need to be gone through in the next few years.

Not a car but bikes:
Giant Ac2 with Rock Shox Boxxer Team Fork for when I go to the mountains, Norco Sasquatch for the city stuff and a Cannondale F800 for winter/singletrack trails.

PS, the Syclone is one of my favorite all time vehicles. Can't wait to see your Typhone!
I convinced my father in law to buy a syclone about 6 years e-bay.....what a mess,the motor lasted about 20 mins in our "gentle" hands,it just sits now,the motor apart sitting under the box cover.I would love to buy it,but dont need another selfish ride with only two seats.

^^^ great to see another cycling enthusiast!If you ever come this way to ride i could let you know of some amazing singletrack trails out in the k-country.
Got nothin else special. Just regular vehicles that eat my money

1997 Chevy 1500
1991 Chevy Lumina Car (needs to go but can't afford a replacment yet)
Building a 19' pontoon boat with a chevy 3.1 powering it.

And many other habits that require money.




Other than the vette, 1932 ford coupe (everything custom), 2000 WS6 RAM AIR Trans Am and out in the street... 2005 Toyota Tacoma 20's leveling kit, cold air,(demoted to the street)
hope to start work on the garage soon
Other than my 75 Stingray;
1. My Lamborghini Diablo Replica
2. My Ferrari F40 replica
3. My 96 325I BMW
4. My Lifted 96 4runner (8" suspension, 3" body lift, 35" BFG'S)
5. My lifted 92 Jeep Cherokee Laredo
6. My 81 Harley Davidson Shovelhead
7. My 81 GMC 4x4 snow pusher!
8. On the way this weekend a 92 Caddy stretch Limo (pimp my ride project)
9. My 89 Lincohn stretch limo (was stolen and just recovered...missing the motor!!)
10. 88 Ford Bronco II Future lifted off road project
.........and I have checked, there are no help lines for vehicle anonymous!!!









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