Not so sure if our software will allow this. Fender will need to "weigh in".

I know vBulletin has a chat module, and I have seen it on other forums, but question about how much use it will actually get and about moderation.

Most users ever online was 45, 04-26-2010 at 09:43 PM

Although it looks like we may have traffic for it.

But I created an online chat room if anyone wants to try it out. It's open 24/7.

Nothing to sign up and no software to install. Just enter your name and click on Join Chat at the bottom of the page.
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Would be nice to have the chat right in the forum at the top of the screen.
I have seen others that have it embedded into the forum then you can chat
to anyone you see that is online.
Just a reminder that I do have this room open 24/7.

Trying to get people to come in at roughly the same time is....hard. But if I'm in my media room, I am logged in.

Nothing to register or signup for. No app to install. Just enter a username and click join and you'll be in live chat.

Chatzy - HDR

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