The ups and downs of high performance!!!

Got a call from Manny and went over to Dasilva Motorsports this afternoon. Car was on the Dyno but making only about 500 HP. Talked with the knowledgable staff there and found that I may have a ring problem in my 01 (that where notorious for such things). Talked with Arun (who is an encyclopedia of knowledge on most things Corvette) I got to see my baby run on the Dyno--I was a little disappointed with the results---but Hey--its cars man!! So when I am gone to BC in June--car goes back to Dasilva to get the rings and bottom end bearings done. Arun will not even tune in the Meth till we fix the ring problem. Staff where all up front--great guys to explain everything-----stay tuned--this story is far from over!!! Most important--the staff made sure I can keep my promise to my daughter on her birthday to attend the GTG this Saturday!!!!
WW55 I am sure this was disappointing news but if it makes 500 now just think what it will do once it is freshened up and tuned.

Best of luck getting it done, I am sure you will not be unhappy with the rebuild. Broke maybe but never unhappy!

Nice clean install!!

Everything all tucked in looks like a factory option!!

Control module neatly tucked in.

Love the boost and fuel mixture pillar gauges

Windsheild Washer tank is converted to Meth reserve---

The boys at Dasilva thought of everything--knowing I drive the car quite a bit--they installed the washer in the truck compartment!!
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