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I am looking for a vette and I see a few cars with no price
I always put on auto trader show cars only with a price. it drops 2 or 3 cars
The hitch house RV store in Barrie never gives a price
I do not see the point of not giving a price
I asked this same question on RV.net years ago and got a most people saying they just disreguard the add if there is no price
I can't be a buyer and a seller too. Give me your best price the first time and I either buy or walk. I think these guys are hoping that you will offer more than they actually want. In buying or selling, I don't play their games. I'm with you Dan.
I feel the same way. If I see no price or "call for price" I assume they are unrealistic with what they are asking and ignore the ad. Can anybody out there enlighten us with the reason for this tactic when selling a car or other product?
Not I!!!! I agree with all of you. Provide the potential buyer all the information you can!! If you're hiding the price, what else are you hiding? I always felt that another tactic sellers should use is a picture of the car proof report if they are going to give you 23 pictures of the car itself ( which you will probably see before you buy anyhow!)
I always added a price that way people can take it or leave it before they even contact me. It means less hassle for me, less hassle for them.... except for those butt holes that just try to low ball you just to see if you'll take it. They just waste everybody's time.
Gentlemen, I am with you on this one but I do have some light to shed on the issue. This is a common sales tactic used in many industries to generate leads. Often you will notice that it is a car dealership that omits the price and not a private individual. Salespeople will get you to call them in order to generate leads. Works the same way in real estate.
The no price fiasco is a little trick used by sellers/dealers to make sure their ads are listed first when the user does a search (or sorts a search by price which is more common). Their ads always show first. Whether that nets them any interest is a different matter.
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