hey Gary---still in England???

Yes. The big CCC-UK Corvette Show this weekend. We have attended a few times.

Our main part of the trip was Le Mans with Lance Miller and the 1960 Corvette that won it's class 50 years ago. Also with GM Passes for the Suite above their pits. Lots of photos when we get home.

Then to Paris for a few days and took a side trip to Normady and Juno Beach.

Home Tuesday.
I heard tale of a Pillar and Post/Niagara Falls and area cruise for Sunday???:canada: Anyone heard any scoop???

Hey Willy. Yeah it's on, weather permitting. I'm surprised Mark hasn't mentioned it here. I did mention on CF that there are rumblings over here about the cruise, thinking he would come in and post something.

CDN_Wolf_eh said:
We could meet up at my store at 9:00A ... leave by 9:15A ... then head to the Timmies on Centennial Parkway (Hamilton) and Arrowsmith ... across from the Chevy dealership ... Plan would be to leave that Timmies by 10A.

Then the fun begins! :lol:

Weather is looking good for tomorrow morning ... so Houston ... We are a Go!

See everyone at my store by 9:15A ... bring your FSR radio's ... Channel 5.0 ... I have not set a firm route ... so after the stop at the Timmies on Centennial Parkway, we'll head up to Ridge Road ... and see how things look. We'll vote on our destination ... either Pillar and Post in Niagara on the Lake ... or The Flying Saucer in Niagara ... we'll do a pass by of the falls ... drive some of the back roads between Niagara Falls and St. Kitts ... hit the tunnel ... should be fun!

Myself and my daughter Karlie will meet up with you guys at the Timmies at Cenntenial Parkway in Hamilton at 10:00 am!! With radio on!! See you there!!!!
Thanx Mark for arranging the Niagara Tour!! Great time--started with about 12 cars and as the day wore on commitments had dewindled the number down to 8---very scenic---great real estate pieces along the way!!! Wound up at the Pillar n Post for lunch---great food as everyone was starved!! The tunnel under the canal!!! AWESOME---especially if you are following Barry and Pat!!! Some pictures!!!

Scube (Dave) and Canadian UFO (Randy)---with new wheels!!

Don't follow this car!!! Heheheheh!! especially under the canal!!

We met the toronto people out in Hamilton

Mikey always has time for detailing!!!

Rubbing the paint off!! heheheheh Great seeing you Mikey!! missed a great tour!



the "Ridge Road"--what a hoot!!!


the infamous "Tunnel"!!
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We had no idea what this was---looked like a cross between a 58 Studebaker and a small space ship?????

The Back view wasn't much better!!



Historic Niagara on the Lake!!

"Pillar and Post" for lunch




We always hit the Fruit market on the way out!!! Great cruise and an excellent route!!!--See ya next Cruise!!!!:canada:
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