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Oct 9, 2013
Stony Plain, Alberta
2004 Base
Just saying hi and have just got my first Vette which is a 2004 C5 Black Basic manual with 52,000 km on it. Just can't stop smiling when i drive it, what a blast. :rofl:
If one was to replace the TPM sensors in after market wheels and tires, do you have to drive them to activate the new sensors or can I try to relearn the system with them in my hand to see if they work? Also will the stock sensors fit into TSW wheels okay?
Thanks Willy
Gooooooooooood Day Willy!

The stock sensors will work in new wheels as they are integrated into the valve stems, you just have to change them over and make sure you keep them in the correct order!

You will not have to reprogram the system but if you do and you have a magnet, let us know and one of us will pass along the instructions. I can't think of how to do it off the top of my head but it is very simple.
Thanks for the reply. I read somewhere that the sensors shutdown if not rotated for a while to save battery life and to reactivate them you had to drive a round for a while to get them to work again?:confused: The ones in my original wheels are 10 years old now so I would want to install new ones.
Is there anyway to deacivate The TPMS on the vehicle so I could forget getting new sensors? I don't run with run flats anyhow.
Black vette
The wheels are Nurburgring gun metal with mirror polished faces. 18x9.0 fronts with 275/35/18 and 19x10.5 rear with 305/30/19 Nitti Invo tires.
Welcome to the Forum cdnwillyg, getting to be lots of Vettes in Alberta. Keep an eye out for local rides.
Those are very nice wheels! Very good pictures showing how flush they sit!

The tire sensors do turn off as I think the contact is spring loaded so it takes the centripetal force of the wheels turning to get them to make contact again. My sensors are 14 years old and still going. I know I will have to replace them someday and as I have a 2000, it's expensive!!! The 2004's are much cheaper. There is no way I know of to defeat the system outside of hitting the reset button every time you drive your car and the car notices the sensors are missing. I keep mine as I want to know when a tire is getting low, especially if I pick something up on the highway. You can't always tell if a tire is flat on low profile tires until it is too late. My wife has 285/30/22 tires on the back of her Mustang and the tire looks the same when it has 10 psi as it does with 30 psi. So, either make sure you constantly check your pressures or just splurge for new TPMS sensors when yours need replacement. If you already have the tires mounted on your car without the sensors, it's a pretty easy swap, they don't have to remove the tire from the rim, just break the bead and push the tire in enough to remove/install the valve stem.
Thanks for the welcome and info on the TPMS. I will pick up a set when I go south this winter and have them installed in the spring.
Not a problem getting the pics....kinda like to take pics of this car!:rofl:
Not a war I want to win Wayne! Pretty soon I'll have a donk if I tried to go above 22"! :D

I would rather win the who's car is faster war. So far I am winning that one. :D
I'm very cautious about which wheels I put on my car as heavier wheels won't keep me ahead. The Nurburgring wheels that Willy has are a great example of a light wheel that won't kill the budget but I am trying to find something with a dish to them...that are light...and not too expensive. Max diameter I like on the C5 is 19".
I just got a quote from the chev dealer here for $115@. He also told me that they don't need to be rotated to work? His point being that the car is stationary when the learn is done. Valid point I guess.
I wish some one would know where they after market band types would be located in the wheel? I know they are suppost to be 180* away from the valve stem but how far into the rim is the question. Also any idea of how strong a magnet one needs to activate these things?
Thanks Riley for the compliments on the wheels. They are starting to grow on me more...I do like the stock narrow chrome ones that also came with the car. Any idea as to what they are worth to sell? They have okay rear rubber but the fronts are toast...outside edges, cornering I'm thinking!!:nono:
More info needed on magnets are they axially (vertical polorization) or diametrically (horizontal polorized) magnetized? 35 lbs. pull strength enough?
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Thanks for the info, but I know about the valve stem style sensors GM makes. Just not sure on the strength of magnet needed? I was hoping to get the band ones working to save a little $$$$ but will buy new ones when I'm in the USA this winter...cheaper!
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