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Feb 5, 2009
1998 C5 / 2015 Z06
Well I will finally be bringing the Nasty1 back to life . My baby will back on the lift this Saturday to begin its rebirth . I have been gathering parts at a bistering pace :rofl: ,ya over the past 4 months that is .

Here is a list of some of the new parts and old some parts that will be installed :

1. RPS Twin Carbon lite Clutch and Flywheel
2. Tick Clutch Master
3. Ram clutch slave
4. Remote clutch bleeder
5. C6 Z06 solid shift box
6. LG billet torque tube coupling
7. DTE brace
8. Pfadt engine & rear diff mounts
9. Billet power steering pulley + Katech billet tensionor and pulley
10. Chrome alternator bracket
11. 98 to 99 ECM conversion
12. Re-powder coated calipers in burgandy
13. Yellow stuff ceramic pads
14. All forged LS1 383
15. FAST 102 ported ( Componnets by K1 )
16. FAST LS2 style 46lbs injectors
17. Fast RED fuel rails
18. Trickflow 235cc heads mill for 59cc chambers
19. Racetronix high volume fuel pump and wiring harness
20. Custom 3/8" Aluminum tunnel plate with E.C.P shielding

There are a few more goodie's that I will post as we go.
Look for pictures and a write up starting this Saturday November 6th :D

We are going for 525RWHP N/A

By the way a forged 402 in an automatic 03 Z06 ,that John built went 8.83 on pump gas and full street trim on this past Friday at Cayuga Raceway , and its a daily driver :eek:

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Looks like we are all wasting our time... ECS is posting on youtube that they have a CAM ONLY that will deliver 500/500 to the wheels out of an LS-3 with no headwork... Hahahaha. Look up ECS DVL cam if you like. I offered to buy one but he's blocked me and erased my questions lol

Back to reality LOL... Can't wait to see pics, hear that beast and more manny!!!
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Soo jealous. Question... Is going to a steel block a sizable benefit in this case???

Iron blocks are great for SC or turbo applications , but the aluminum blocks, with a good forged internals will stand up to spray as well as modified N/A applications .

I will be posting up some pictures Friday as I get started . Not much done since I brought the car in Saturday .

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Ok here are the first few pictures ;

Fuel pump up-grade to the high flow racetronix and some new tunnel shielding.

Hey any body seen my engine :confused:

Old fuel pump coming out

New pump and old pump

Dedicated fuel pump wiring harness

New pump and harness installed : Note that I used factory torque stipe on the bolts just to make sure they will always be tight.

Tunnel side's are nice and shielded again .

Now as soon as more parts arrive I can continue :mad:

Manny @E.C.P
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