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Oct 24, 2014
....As promised I posted earlier pics of my 58 Impala's and here are a few more of the rides I built over the years. Won't give long detailed stories this time to bore you guys....:rofl:..... , just a few pics of things I did and still own .
The 49 5 window took me 9 winters to build. Started out as real junk, and from about 9 or 10 cars and trucks I made what you see. First time out was Draggins Saskatoon 2014, it won first in mild custom truck and Best of Show out of 240 entries. Powered by a Olds 5.7 diesel, 200R4 shifted by Hurst Lightning Rods, 81 Grande Prix 2.39 diff , remote doors and windows, 56 chrysler guages etc etc etc.
The 38 Ford Std Coupe I fashioned sorta after seeing American Graffitti in 1973. It's on my grandfathers 49 Plymouth frame , 425 dual quad nailhead , super turbine 400, Hurst lightning Rods , 58 chev 3:36 posi , cockshutt 50 rad , model A rad shell , I built the headers, 4 x 2 1/2" equals 10" of exhaust rapping out the back . just a pile of parts out of my graveyard and bolted it all together...maybe have $5K in it total.

.....I got tons of pics from when I started on the 49, here's one of the cab I took off a one ton , no problem me working outside -30 . The frame used was a 50 GMC 3/4 ton shortened and clipped with a 80 Olds Cutlass. The engine I rebuilt myself , even ground the valves and seats too.


......My home made power window setup combined 76 grande marquis back doors and 49 chev regulators.......

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...Thanks guys. Hey buckhorn76 you must be no teenager if you know who Tommy Ivo is.....:agree: , I got a hotrod magazine with pics of that famous Titanic T with the nailhead in it. It was the fastest thing in the country back then . Imagine in 1957 he would drive that Hilborn injected nailhead to the track and run just under 11 seconds @ 119 mph, then drive it home and clean everything on the street in Cailifornia. They sound different and are torque monsters 4sure.
.....Thankyou very much guys. here's a few more pics. The 68 Impala was bought new by my uncle and sold to me for $200 in 1981. It is original paint interior everything, except I took off the hub caps and put on SS magnum style wheels, 137,000 miles and runs like new. It has the rare optional 3rd seat facing backwards. The 58 chev sedan delivery is a unfinished project . The 76 GMC full loaded 454 I ordered brand new, cost $7667.00 . Still has original paint and woodgrain sides, worked hard in it's life but I don't drive it in winter any more.

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Xfire that sedan delivery must be a pretty rare vehicle. Yes? No?

You have some nice rides.

........I don't know the production numbers, but yes the 58 Delivery is fairly hard to come by. I always was a 58 nut, and wanted the wagon to pull my other Impala's to the shows but I never got that far ( yet ! ). It has a 283 power pak , powerglide in it but I may switch that out yet for another 348 tripower like in my Impala's, we'll see. Thanks.

...update, found the production numbers : mine is a Canadian tagged car, production numbers are 943 . In the USA they built 7466 of them.
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348 and 409 cars in any form are pretty rare around here. Sedan deliverys even more so. Neat stuff and building your on deserves a lot of credit. It does take a fair bit of mechanical skill to get the job done. Lots of pictures are always more than welcome. They give us a fair idea about friends that we may never meet.
.......just a update, no work to do on the Vette this winter , but I got my 58 Sedan Delivery in the shop, 283/ PG out and all stripped. Had to be painted 3 weeks ago but the painter is delayed, thus holding me back. Today tore down a 348 I had stashed over 30 years and will measure it all up to see what it needs. It already has 030 pistons to my surprise, so I think I can get away with just rings . Yesterday ordered a 4 stick set of Lightning rods that will shift the 200 r4. I didn't know the car has posi in it untill I lifted it up on the hoist and there was the " P " on the carrier, awesome. Just bought a salvage 2006 Impala LTZ for the power seats, never knew 8 way power existed till now !! so these black leather seats will save me sewing seat covers as they are very nice shape. I want to marry a 61 chrysler dash into it also ( don't laugh ) , but that dome speedo always caught my eye. The body was dechromed as seen in the pics above so it took me alot of time to drill new holes again as I have to have the moldings on this car, plus I found Nomad tailgate bars so drilled holes for them too. Was going to make power vent window motors but found a set of motors from a 66 Lincoln that I think I can make work. Last week picked up a piece of 5/8 stainless tubing to see if I can bend it, and it bends perfect the 80 degree angle I need to finish the ends of the tube grill I'm going to make. My problem is the winter is flying by too fast, wish it was nov 1 again...lol



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