Brian Keery

Brian Keery

Feb 23, 2013
Midland, Ont.
1979 L48 Auto





Looking good Brian. :coolgleam:

Where those pictures taken at Wasaga?

Balm Beach, looking across Nottawasaga Bay at Collingwood. Just around the corner from ya!!!

Ah yes, I recognize it now. Been there a few times over the years. Nice spot. Do you get down to Collingwood much with the Vette Brian?
Usually a few times over the summer. I'm taking part in a C3 cruise around Georgian Bay on May 31-June 2. We will be meeting up near you and heading to Tobermory for the Friday night, already have accomodation booked, and then catching the Chechimun to Manitoulin Island on the Saturday morning. Ferry is also booked, as is accomodation in Parry Sound for the Saturday night. So far there are 6 C3's booked to go, if you're interested, let me know.

I usually make it to the Wasaga Corvette Weekend on the Saturday and take part in the cruise. I work 4 10's and am done on Friday mornings; so over the summer, if the weather is nice I'm bound to be heading towards Wasaga for the Collingwood wouldn't be out of the question.
Sounds like fun. I may be interested in just the run up to Tobermory. We've never overnighted with our Vette yet.
Love the tires too--and the exterior color is awesome--more on the rare side, and it really caught me off-gaurd.

I love it! Great stance too.....
Thanks, she's 1 of only 517 built for the 79 model year. Original houndstooth 49C interior. The 5th car imported into Canada in September of 1978.VIN 1071
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