What's wrong with the weather? It was a beautiful January day of -25 today...wait a minute, did you say March? Is it March?? What the heck is going on? Will this winter never die? As for the snow, I wish we got snow. I put brand new Super Swampers on my truck in January so I could play in the stuff, and I haven't had to put my truck in 4WD yet this year. Now it's at the point where I just want the crap that is here to melt. Com'mon Spring!
ahhh sheeeyit... it was -39 on the way to work this morning.... Wasn't there an episode off Star Trek once where Kirk ended up on an alien planet so cold that if you went outside you would die??? Frig... they could have been in Edmonton this morning.

Looking forward to the 31 degree increase to -8 tomorrow LOL
Fingers are crossed that the warmer weather shown in the forecast will actually show up. If that warm weather does come, I hope it is here to stay!

I hope so we have had enough of the white stuff thats for sure :swear::swear:now we get the rain :(:(
I heard good things about the almanac, but they lost me with this one. "Saskatchewan and Alberta will be slightly milder and drier than normal, with below-normal snowfall." This has been one freaking cold winter in the new year...but today is suppose to be plus 3, hooray!
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