That same add has been running for months. It is a new car dealer, think they use those to get you to come in or call, not sure that car is even for sale. When I was looking thru them last spring that exact car was listed, I remember the one pic with the guy with the mustache looking over the car roof that they show. Something odd about it being listed for months given the demand for C7s in Canada. Even the dealer I went with had two adds on his website as if there were C7s for sale and there were none when I called, you had to get in line.

Call them , let us know how it works out.
You do realize that 99.9% of those C7s in autotrader are NEW, and are offered by US Dealers?

In other words, they cannot sell NEW to a person who does not have a US address.
I was browsing through the CANADIAN auto trader. Searching both new and used. Again, I was blown away by how many vettes are available. Many adds are from dealerships in CANADA. I gather from the above comments that not all adds are legitimate. I can see that dealerships would try to advertise a corvette and then tell you it is sold but just try to get you into the dealership and possibly sell you something else.:canada:
This C7 is at Regina Motor Products, when I was there in September they had 3 C7's for sale Lime Rock Green, a Cyber Gray and this red one. This red one was being driven by the owner for a few months or so I thought, but the ad says only 50 kilometers on it. I didn't get to see this red one the day I was there, the owner had it out. I could be they scored a second red one. As far as I know they were not allocated any 2014 Corvettes so these came through other sources. I now this as I tried to order a C7 through them but they advised they don't have any allocation.
Price depends on full options. Here's a nice yellow one in Winnipeg, Used 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray *460hp* for Sale in Winnipeg - Price | Auto Gallery of Winnipeg A member in the club owns this dealership and I've driven this car.
I'm in London, Ont and there is a guy that runs a Thrifty's car rental here who specializes in Corvette's, all years , he has been bringing up newer C7's from the U.S and reselling them. I found his prices all in the $5-10 over MSRP range and these were used cars. Somebody has been buying them though and willing to pay not to wait as he has moved a few over the last few months. There are some C7 owners now stepping up to the Z06 model and selling theirs.
It is like a slingshot.... So many people couldn't get allocation last year and now it seems that there are plenty of 2014, both used and new, available in Canada. Many of these are Z51 models and I am wondering if this is a combination of lack of touring comfort combined with those hoping for Z06 models...

2014 - 2015 Chevrolet Corvette for sale in Fonthill |

GM Canada could do so much better with a proper marketing approach.
It's all relative, at the national level there are 56 C7's , 2014/15 for sale. I put in for Mustangs on AutoTrader , same yrs and there were 432 , there were 129- 3 series BMW's also 14/15's and even 24 Aston Martins, there were also 44 - 2014 or 15 Dodge Vipers and they sell a helluva lot fewer vehicles a year than the C7.

Given those numbers 56 C7's doesn't seem all that high and knowing some of those are really new car dealers trying to lure folks in, they probably aren't even available so maybe the number is more like 40.
Thought some might find this interesting Viper sales vs C7, they are having a very hard time selling these cars....this from early this year...having to lay off workers, I bet the C7 is just killing them.

The SRT Viper is taking an extended production break later this spring while the factory copes with low demand and gears up for the 2015 model year. Chrysler will idle the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant from April 14 to June 23, and 91 employees there will be laid off during that time. Sales have been slow so far this year, with just 91 Vipers sold in the first two months of 2014 (591 were sold all last year), according to The Detroit News.

According to Chrysler, this is all part of the plan for the Viper. The automaker says that the Connor Avenue factory was meant to fluctuate in this way because it only builds one vehicle, and the sports coupe was never meant to be a mass-production vehicle. The company claims that idling the plant will allow it to manage showroom inventories. "Customer and dealer demand for the SRT Viper continues at expected levels," said Chrysler spokesperson Dianna Gutierrez to The Detroit News. SRT hasn't revealed what changes are planned for the 2015 model.

This isn't the first time we've heard of the Viper's weak demand. As of October 2013, SRT had hoped to build around 2,000 examples, but only about 1,000 had been made.
Actually, it is more a function of how works...

For most GM dealers in Canada, their inventory is uploaded to, new and used, sold or not, when it arrives. So frequently, you are searching for C7 and seeing everything that is on ground, including sold units.

Just because it is in stock, doesn't mean it is available... Almost all used will be US cars, with rare exceptions..
Last edited by a moderator: is not always to blame because usually they don't go to the dealership right away and upload pics of sold units on their websites. If you see an ad with no pics then it could be a case like ToVetteFan described where it just got uploaded in error to automatically.

But if you see an ad on with actual pics of a C7 on the showroom floor then likely its a retail C7 for sale or possibly the dealer has already sold the vehicle but has kept the ad alive to attract more prospective buyers to their dealership. Its best to call and confirm its availability and chances are the sales rep on the phone will let you know if its sold.

BTW we are delivering our first 2015 C7 factory order tomorrow. It arrived earlier today. Here are the specs. 2015 C7 2LT Convertible Automatic with Z51 and Mag Ride, chrome rims and red calipers. Blade Silver/Adrenaline Red/Black Soft-Top. Beautiful ride! Ill post pics tomorrow once its all cleaned up. We expect to deliver another one before the end of Oct. Very Excited!

FYI we are still accepting order's for 2015 C7's. Conv or Coupe. With or without Z51. No Z06's anymore. Sorry! Only 4 more allocations left for 2015 MY! Delivery in Summer 2015.

Best Regards!
For a base C7 I would probably go with auto as it may be suitable for a daily driver. For a Z51 or Z06 definitely manual for me.
If I bought a vette brand new it would still be manual. Same for the C8, C9, C10, and possibly the C11--but only in the Z06 configuration.
My Z06 order is automatic. IMO the days of manual transmissions are gone and this can be seen in, not only new sports car configurations but also, in the actual numbers that order manual. They are declining. To me though, the fact that this car is not meant for the track (although I will no doubt hit a weekend time trial or two) it just makes sense as it will be a daily driver and touring least to me.

A month or so ago, I got into this with a close friend in California who boasts of his 4 Porsches... all manual. My response was simply "Why would I ever want a Porsche when it just doesn't compare what this has to offer. Everyone has a Porsche". Just my thoughts and I know the reasoning behind "the feel" all too well.
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