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Jul 25, 2012
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Where does anyone here buy a full factory service manual ? One not just for minor repairs, but as comprehensive as possible . Is a GM dealer the only one that would sell a full service one?
Your local dealer's parts department can get the manuals for you. When I bought my first Chevelle service manual in 1969 it cost all of three dollars. Prices have gone up just a little. Make sure your wallet is bulging with at least $200. Looks like the e-bay boys are not giving any price breaks.
Thanks for the replies...

And to think In 1996 I the manuals for a Honda civic factory manual was $90, so $200 is not too bad. But have seen three volume set for 2002 vette for $350, and it said only for minor maintenance and repair. A Haynes model if available would even show the tear down and build of an engine.
I have a 4 Book set for the Year 2003 which is comprised of 3 of 3 GM Manuals for sale if you are interested. $100.
Mine are 4 books because of binding purposes.

Also..... a 1978 and a 1988 Manual and the 1961 `62 Manuals. And a couple of Early part Books for GM(1930 -`62)
Not sure of prices as yet.
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Thanks Bishs.... But.

Thanks Bishs, but from what I understood from Manny, only 2002 and 2004 were the same, so the 2003's would not work. Would buy them ASAP if after I did a bit of research, or talked to a dealer etc. and found that yours would work after all.
1969 Chevelle Manual

Back in '69 I was working for GM Oshawa. I went over to the main office, to buy a manual and the guy in the office gave me one that he happened to have sitting around. In '68, the manual for my 400 Firebird cost all of three dollars. This was the big service manual not the one for the glove box. Prices have gone up slightly. ;)
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