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Jan 27, 2009
Sherwood Park
2001 Z06
Hey all. I've been digging around and doing some research on some potential mods for my car the past little while.

I thought I had concluded finally that I'd like to move forward with just a cam and longtubes from LG. I talked to a local shop regarding install and when they mentioned that they didn't carry the LG products they mentioned some potential comp cams options.

After some research and a discussion with a moron at comp that had almost no idea regarding the driving characteristics and approximate performance data or power profile of any of the cams I inquired about I called LG directly. I talked to a guy named Mike down there and concluded EASILY that the G5X3 was by far the cam for me.

Near the end of the conversation I mentioned that I would buy the products from a Canadian dealer here on the forum and has asked who... I mentioned Manny's name and got a resounding vote of confidence from Mike and the quote, "He'll treat you right".

Some people may have already known this about Manny but especially people that are not familiar with him personally or for noobies, this is probably a pretty good piece of information.

I'll be talking to you soon about my cam kit and longtubes Manny!

p.s. I forgot to mention that LG offers a mail in tune for your ECM!!! It just didn't make sense to bring my wheels all the way to Ontario and there are a lack of familiar tuners here in the Edmonton area with the LG cams and Mike mentioned that they offer a mail in tune that they can turn around in a day so that shouldn't sway anyone away from their products.
Thanks for the kind word's guys :canada:

I had the pleasure of doing well over 30 vette's this season. Just finshed up an 06 C6 rag with Trickflow heads, comp cam , LG Pros and a Bassani exhaust. This C6 also has Z06 brakes with Hawk pads and Z06 rear fender's . Custom Forgeline wheels,a full Pfadt suspension (coilovers & sway bars) FAST 92mm intake and Vararam intake, an RPM custom 6 speed with a killer dual friction clutch. This vette move's and handles like a dream. 450RWHP on a baby cam . We are putting in a TVR2300 Maggie as well as a bullit proof diff with 3:90 gears next month.
Also on the in for next month is an 09 C6 getting a full Z06 body conversion and an STS twin turbo set up. This vette already has a set of LG Pro's ,Corsa exhaust and a full Pfadt suspension. Wicked ride !

Looks like spring 2010 will be just as busy, as we have been taking bookings :D

Thx again

[email protected]
Manny has helped service my vette a couple of times this year, not with any performance modifications, but repairing several mechanical issues as I have in the process of restoring it. Being very happy with the service, I fully intend on enlisting his services to replace the valve seals and fuel injectors when my car comes out of hibernation next Spring. I, for one, would have absolutely no reservations having him tackle any repairs to my ride.
Manny has done all the work on my car so far and has been great to deal
with, with my new mods this fall we managed to get 435rwhp out of her.
I am sure with a few spring mods we should be able to get her to 450rwhp
and add a few suspension mods also for better handling. :D
I am so glad to have great people on this forum like Manny who are great at what they do and then come on here to share some of their knowledge with us and people like Tony who take the time to send out some props or thanks that makes this such a great place to be.
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