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Mar 5, 2011
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03 50th Aniversary
I am looking at a few 03 50ths and the miles are as low as 800 and up to what I would be comfortable with 30.000
The cost is very close.
Is around 4000 miles a good thing or not for a 10 year old car?
I know I should buy a C6 but I really did not like some things on the 08 I had, mostly the way the doors did not work if the battery was dead, and the way the top marked when it was put down.
I had a cashmere top on my 03 and it did not show marks when it was used, not like my 08
Age probably does more damage in drying door seals, valve guide seals and other rubber/neoprene type seals. If the car got run a few hundred miles each year and had the oil and filter changed each year, I doubt that the engine would be hurt from lack of use. Our car had a little over 13k miles over 7 years and it has had zero problems.
On our '05. if the battery fails, the key opens the hatch and there is a pull that releases the driver's door. If you are inside, there are pull handles down along the floor to release each door. Makes a person wonder why they went to electric push buttons then have to add the redundant key, release pull and handles on the floor. Just give me door handles in the first place and forget the complication.
My tire guy has an 07 and the battery went dead, the key did not work.
What a hassel
I have seen people have to break a window to get in .

That's going a bit on the drastic side. :( CAA would get you in without breaking the glass.
Worse case is jacking up the front, putting a battery charger on the starter posts, and the doors will open.
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