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Feb 8, 2012
I have never owned a corvette before but I am looking for a show quality 1965 to 1967 convertible. There is one currently posted on Kijiji for $89,000.
The price seems high when I compare it to others on EBay. Any advice you can give me about this car, or know where a good one is available.
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Another c2 Fan here; but I'm afraid that will most likely never happen for me. These cars are starting to bring in big $$$, at least for something that is in show quality. Saw a couple last year at Legendary that were sweet cars; but over 100K....... too rich for my blood.
Will keep my eyes open and give ya a shout if I see something.
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I really like the 67's, but 65 to 67 would be fine. Lots out there. I just don't know what I should lookout for.
Does anyone have any concerns about purchasing a C2 which has had a new frame installed? Does this put the value up or down?
No concern if it was a frame off restoration. The frames are prone to rusting so that could be a good thing however, it really depends on who did the work and if they have documentation. If it was a shop I would research them and ask for references. If it was a back yard job I would ask how much experience they have and what they normally work on. If it was Manny I would have zero concerns.
Before you buy anything be it a show car or very nice driver,educate yourself on these cars.There are frame rust issues,different parts that have been replaced,matching numbers , original wiring and so forth.You need to decide if your going to drive it,show it or both. Can you do alot of the work or shop it out.What ever you do, find a expert who really knows these cars and what to look for ,that is money well spent because it is very easy to drop 5k after you bought it. Good luck.
There is one BIG issue you should look out for. When you see "numbers matching" - that should mean the car and egine left the factory as one and that increases the price - BUT!! It has been estimated that 90% of , especially C1 and C2 Corvettes have replacement engines and the dealer or other experct grinds off the factory engine number and puts one on that matches - It is fraud and wide spread. Don't get suckered in!! Make sure you have the history and check the engine dates, numbers - even that is not always enough - BEWARE!!
Yes, this is an old thread. But, for anyone reading it now, they should know that numbers-matching can mean much more than the original engine and transmission that came in the car from the factory.

The navel-gazing has gone crazy on these cars, and correct VIN numbers on the frame may also be taken into consideration. Yes, the frames are stamped too. Also, many want correct date and casting codes on a variety of items like wiper motors, master cylinders, alternators, starters, differentials..........even window glass, etc. The instrument cluster is coded, as well. Etc.

Of course, later, you can buy most any parts with the "correct" numbers for your needs. :rofl:

Buyer beware. If you worry too much about matching numbers, you'll either get taken by a talented scammer or you'll pay too much. If you're not buying for a NCRS Top Flight award, or placing the car in a time capsule, buy the best (and most solid) non-matching numbers car you can afford and then drive it like you stole it.


I've had 45 years of outrageous enjoyment from mine and I don't lose any sleep over numbers.....except the ones that click by on the premium gas pump. :D
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