That one is not a Z51 as you noticed.

It looks like there are a lot of C7's available if you NEED one. The prices these people want is just criminal. But, if they can get the prices they are asking, well, go for it. There will be lots of C7's for sale over the next few years. They won't be as cheap as the 2014's but they ain't going to be what these meat puppets are charging. :p
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Premier Edition - Sherwood Park

Ouch! So, this price means probably $125-140k for a C7 Z06


Actually, this car was shipped in from Vancouver! I tried to deal on it but their price is firm. The salesman said that it's that price because they had to pay MSRP, BC provincial sales tax and shipping to Sherwood Park. So, after they weren't willing to deal I went to Calgary and put a deposit down on a 2015 Z06!! Now the waiting game! The dealer in Calgary is selling the Z06 at MSRP which not all dealers are doing! MSRP on the 2015 Z06 as of yet is unknown. Dealership figured base price to be somewhere around $90000

Yes, it is very exciting! This will be my first corvette!! It's been a dream of mine for many, many years and when I seen the 2015 Z06 my mind was made up. It was time!! The family is getting sick of me talking about it every day!

When I find out anything about order date or the price, I will let everyone know.

The ZO6 will be one mean ride, was contemplating the same but probably wouldn't get much chance to wind it out on the 401 HWY, these OPP are vigilant, probably just a base Stingray with options for me. lol
Nothing wrong with a Stingray Cruzin, they'r not as fast as a Z06 but they still go like stink. You could still get yourself a ticket or two. :Sad5:
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