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Aug 5, 2011
Cambridge ON
2006 vert, 1994 vert
Anyone who can make Mud & Centennial Tim's this morning at 11:30'ish is welcome....
Last minute arrangement, since today is so nice (for sure) and Friday may not be (for sure)..... -- lol, who knows what Mother Nature may bring then.:confused:

Tony, Kathy, and Terry and I will attend.

There will be a separate thread for Friday but today, is on too for anyone who can still make it.

Love to see ya,


How'd the car run Colin? Looks like a great day.

It ran normal until I hit it to get passed a truck who was pulling in front of me -- it kicked down and went into boost all at once. What a freakin' rush! I kid you not, and the pedal did not hit the floor.

I think manual mode would be most prudent for obvious reasons. Rob (Polar Jet) feels the same way as I do.

Other than a slight serenading whine wafting in the open window you would not know the blower is there.

Gas mileage is down about 2 kpl which I think can be made up for on a retune after the alky intall tomorrow. We'll see once I talk to Arun .. Not worried about mileage so much (it is still in the 25 mpg range) but if I can tune for better mileage then why not. He has left it rich for safety sakes right now but with Alky injection there may not be a need for that -- Arun will know my options.

Seems to be one hell of a kick under my right foot, tho -- and it was no slouch out of the box. :eek: -- This sucker moves.:driving:

I like it but it is going to command a lot of respect. :D

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