rocky yo

Oct 19, 2012
Took a 2 day trip down to Carlisle PA for the fall car show. First time down there. Has anyone ever gone ? Anyways what I can say is it is a huge car flea market. Wow, flea market on a grandiose scale!!! I did see some fantastic corvettes for sale. A lot of C2 corvettes for sale which made me wonder why so many ? Very few C3's for sale. Saw an incredible deal on a 2001 C5 for Just $13,000.00 !!! Almost bought it just to boot around in. Seems like prices on cars are coming down has anyone else noticed this ?
Have been to Corvette Carlisle three times when I had my 69 .I understand that fall and spring are huge as you found out .Some year I'll make it ,glad you liked.
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