Jun 8, 2012
Edmonton AB
No Corvette :(
Ok, not sure who is going to Ponoka from Edmonton next Saturday.

Does anyone want to meet at Gateway Park info center and leave together?


Would could meet for 8:15 to 8:25 area and leave at 8:30am to get to Ponoka for the 9:30am start time.

Sunny and 26 next Saturday

Edmonton, AB - 7 Day Forecast - Environment Canada

If anyone likes this idea post and maybe we can make it work.

Good morning Brian,

That could be doable for me. I have sort of two plans at the moment:

1)trailer the car to Edmonton Friday and do some running around Friday night, then head to Ponoka with you on Saturday morning - convoy of two!

2)I'm considering buying a pair of racing karts. I think my son would like this and it would also allow the kids who come with their parents to the autocrosses to have some track time of their own. The problem - they are located just south of Calgary near De Winton. So not only would I have to trailer the car to Ponoka but I'd also have to make a 5 hour return trip on top of everything else. Then I'd also have more mechanical things to try to keep operating around here!

I don't suppose anyone is coming from Calgary that would be game to bring them for me??!!


Ok, keep me in the loop what you are doing.

With Stratotech Park shutting down last year I would think there might be lots of shifter carts for sale here. many shifter cart people lost their track to run on.

Good point Brian. But I'm just looking for something to take on the trailer along with the Z06 when I go for my son and the other kids to use. I might even talk with the guys at the DCAC to see if they'd like to keep one on site since it is unlikely that I'd make ever event they have. I'm 1 for 5 so far this year, for example. As long as it would be looked after I'd be OK with letting them keep one of them..............

I did find a pair still for sale in Edmonton from a May posting, that might be better for me as it would avoid 5 hours of driving! Even if the asking price is higher..............


I can't wait! But I'm not holding my breath about the weather. I've done that way too many times. I'll only get excited if they are still calling for sun for Saturday on Friday afternoon.
I tried to get a yellow ZR1 and a silver Z06 to come to this but one guy has a wedding in Sask and the other is doing some stuff with his family. He is actually taking his dad to the Rocky Nationals both Sat and Sun.
Heck they don't need to come personally, someone else could drive there cars and participate. A yellow ZR1, now that would have been nice!

Starting to firm up preparations for the trip, need to wash the mud off the trailer, get my 2x12 to raise the left side, spray my yard so I can take the sprayer out of the back of the truck, charging camera batteries.............starting to feel excited though to meet everyone and see the great cars!


Hahaha. I guess those guys don't really need to come out as long as there cars are there.

Obviously I'm going to be at the Rocky Mountain Nationals as well but my Uncle and Wife understand that Corvettes come first on Saturday morning! :D

This is going to be awesome. It will be great to meet you guys!
Well, weeds sprayed, sprayer removed, 2 x 12 screwed onto trailer deck, wooden ramps braced. Just awaiting activation or postponement of producer car filling today. As much as I'm sure everyone wants to get it over with thundershowers, "hail the size of loonies" and winds 20 to 50 km today. Sounds like fun now diesn't it?!

I ran "Pat's Creek" in Peace River for the first time. 4 km steady uphill the whole way, hard on my heels, 4 km downhill return, hard my my knees! But so far this morning on a sort bit of exercise everything is feeling fine.........

Otherwise everything still set for tomorrow's departure!


Hopefully it will turn around for Saturday, The great thing about Corvettes is that they don't dent.....although, I don't want to test this theory.....

Still hoping for some sun! I'll be out regardless but don't blame anyone else if they bring their normal cars.
Stefanis01 and I are meeting at the Blackfalds Timmies @ 8:45am. If there's anyone else from the Red Deer area that wants to join up post here and meet us there.
Well still no hail up in my neck of the woods. I was to and back from Grande Prairie and the weather was nice all morning and afternoon but the radar is showing something rolling my way from SE of Fairview. Still I think I'm going to venture to PR for a bit more exercise and then I'm going to load the car on the trailer tonight and I'll be able to leave early tomorrow morning. Maybe if the weather is good I'll be able to go for a run around the university and down into the river valley............

I am excited to see if the 2 x 12 is going to be enough to give me door opening egress from the car and if so what a nice elegant solution to going through the window!!


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