Mar 8, 2015
The Z train hit town yesterday. I was awake at 4:15 this morning with excitement.My salesman and lot supervisor were awesome in arranging for me to meet the transport at the dealer this morning. The unwrap went great and I took it for a quick test drive after the CFV was installed. This car is amazing!

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Were is it? My saleman in montreal said he receive is first z today a grey one.

Calgary. 21 degrees here today and roads that look like rural Saskatchewan. :swear: And the build sheet calls it fusion grey not shark Grey. Must be special for Canada. lol
Wow. That is one sweet looking ride. A question for you (maybe I should know better?), but why was your CFV installed after the vehicle arrived? Do all CFV (or CFZ for that matter) options get installed at the dealer? Or was that on constraint and then you bought the parts separately and had them installed? (Also, more pics, please!)
All are shipped inside vehicle and installed afterword. There is too much chance of damage during shipping if they were installed...

Dude...that car looks great! Hope to get up there this summer for a meet and a fun run or two...
congrats on your new Z06! That color looks sweet! your going to love it,had mine out last night,didn't want to come home
congrats, looks awesome, nice weekend here in Calgary to enjoy it as well, all we need now is for the deerfoot trail to be sweep, we will have to meet up this may long weekend, that's when I get mine hopefully since gm moved up my twp to april 13

2015 z06, DSOM, 3LZ, Trim 195 Jet Black interior, Stage 1 Aero, Q6U Black Aluminum Wheels, Black Caliper, 8 speed auto, FAY Carbon Fiber Interior, TTV Carbon Flash Mirrors, full racing stripes carbon fiber twp april 13
Thanks everyone. Friday was a great nite for a cruise. 21 degrees and sunny. This car is jeckyl and Hyde. Docile or a beast. It was raining Saturday so I spent the day learning the dash and infotainment settings. It is very customizable and well laid out. My ipod does not work but I did get my PDR and Media to work on 64GB SDXC cards. Hint: they both have to be formatted Fat32. I pity poor granny in her equinox, this is complicated.

I love the car! No regrets on the non-Z07 cause this thing sticks! First autocross May 10 and I can't wait!
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