Riley P
Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
Holy Moly there were a ton of Camaros on 8th street tonight. Probably in the order of 20+ including my old 81. Everything from 68 to new. Did not see Brent however. It made me thind that if 20 Camaros can appear out of nowhere, I'm sure we should be able to match that with Corvettes....we just need some decent Thursdays or to make our meets every Thursday unless it is raining/crappy, then it moves to Saturday for that week.
Ha! I knew this question would be asked. I was totally shocked by the number of Camaros and had no idea they would be out there so I did not take my camera. They were also spread out quite a ways but since the "cruising" length of 8th street is only a km's long, it is tight enough so you would see a few driving every block or two. It's funny, I found myself thinking that I have not seen an IROC in good condition for quite a few years now and was surprised at how nice a couple of them were.
im in to changing our day for a good case thursday does not work. i need to drive my car!!!!

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