I'm New Here
Apr 15, 2014
2002 C5 Convertable
Just wanted to say 'hi' and thanks for all the great info on here.

I came across this board by accident while Google searching for a ECBM repair/replacement.

A Vette - Red 1976 Stingray was the first car I ever bought. Now on my third one. I was hooked on Vettes from the first day.

Two summers ago I drove to Alabama (from Toronto) and had the opportunity to stop by the Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. What great place for an enthusiast to visit.

Today I just ordered new rims from Corvette Garage in Texas. Looking forward to getting them on.

Next project is removing my ECBM module and getting it repaired.



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Nice! The Museum is a must foe every Vette owner. Welcome to the forum. The wheels you ordered look nice.:cool: Make sure to post pics of them installed on your baby.

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Hey Maverick! Welcome to the forum! Glad you were able to stumble upon us and find some useful info!

If you have any technical questions, don't hesitate to ask or you can also PM Manny (Nasty98) and get the best advice this side of Victoria. :D
I had my ebcm unit repaired by ABS Fixer. in Wiscoson I think
It was $150 with a life time warranty.
You can goggle him to get the info.
I was very pleased with the service.
Just a warning send your stuff by the post office UPS and Fed X well screw you with border fees.
Thanks everyone.

tqracr - I was gong to use ABS fixer. Appreciate the heads up on border fees.

Same thing with the rims. They're being shipped to my sister place in NC. I pick them up when I visit and it falls within a reasonable range of my Canada Customs free allowance, so no taxes. At approx $850 US that's a great deal. Same rims in Ontario are approx $1,500 +13% tax.
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