Looking great! I have to agree with Wayne, nice colour combo.

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Ya, those pictures are better..... Now I can see this beast.
Great colour. and it looks kind-of shinny too. Your wheels are nice as the others have suggested, but I am kind of partial to the salad shooters that came on the 88 Z51/52 packages. Just my opinion.
Glad to have ya here.
Great looking Vette. I also like the colour very much Kent. :coolgleam:
Beautiful! Is that Pewter? We can't have enough Pewter Vettes on here! :D

I really like the red accent stripe!

Well the sales book on this colour states it as grey metalic but it changes in the sun and shade no pewter here at all glad you like the 88 it is a fun ride.

It would be a shame if they don't have the Buckhorn cruise night. I know they weren't getting big turnouts last summer. With so many cruise nights now and a tighter economy, people are not traveling as far. Warsaw hasn't been getting crowds as big either the last couple of years. However, certain cruise nights do very well. On a good night, Bridgenorth will have over 200 cars. I have a picture here somewhere of Kent and I parked side by side at the Buckhorn cruise. :driving:
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