Only about 700 made that year if memory serves me Rob. Still, I'd rather have the '56 with the styling and handling improvements that year. So did a lot of buyers in '55.
Gosh I would hope it's still drivable for that price -- Nice example but like Greg I prefer later years......
Good find Rob. It will complete someone's collection.

We watched a '54 Corvette go across the block at the recent Vancouver Collector went for $70K....
The owner lifted his reserve?
Surprised us all! Somebody got a very nice car for a wonderful price.
Unlike Tony I wouldn't feel comfortable with a very pricey car. Then again when you own the insurance company it really doesn't matter does it.

I am probably out of step here but I've never been a fan of the earliest Corvette, I salute the fact that they had an idea and brought it to market but I think the first configuration was not what anyone was looking for. Thanks to Ford (and Zora) it didn't die on the vine.

Having said that it looks very nice in blue.
Hindsight is a great thing when you're older. Back in 1965 I had a chance to buy a 53 with a couple of connecting rods hanging out the side of the block for $500.00. At that time it might as well have been a million. I was only making 70 cents an hour. Ah how time have changed. To bad tho, it might have been a good investment.
The ol Blue Flame blew up? The 55 looks pretty nice. A lot of dough though....but I guess if there were only 700 made, that is one rare car!!!!

I think only six '55s got the six cylinder Riley. All the others were V8. I'll have to double check that.
Oh, the blow up comment was made for Rob who had the chance to buy the '53. The '55 comment was for the car above. It would be interesting to find out how many are left of the 700 made.
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