Jan 29, 2009
On planet Earth
Some of you know who I work for. He is an extreme car lover.

A few weeks ago, He asked me to join him for the launch of the new Porsche Panamera. While it may not be a Vette, I was totally impressed with the workmanship overall of this car. Every detail had been thought out to the minutia.

Today, he showed up with the Panamera Turbo. "Take it out for a spin" he said as he tossed me the keys. So off I went with one of my managers in tow. This is the UBER-SPORTS SEDAN! From the 4-zone limate control to the choice of leathers. The two screen Navi and the Bermeister sound system and EVERYTHING, this car is truly a work of art intersecting with science. The handling was superb and the lush turbo had barely any lag. At over $150k it better be all that and a bag of chips.

I fell in lust with it but it lacks one thing - the raw energy and wild abandon of the Vette. Oddly I brought my vette to work today - must've been due to the great weather. That new battery seems to be holding out over the 10,000 KM we put on this year (TPWD is stalwart). The Panamera is beautiful but it does not evoke the same sentiment of the Vette and one would certainly not be inclined to use it as their personal pallet of rolling art (read: mods; etc.). The "under-the-bonnet" is almost a taboo area for the profane, only to be visited by the high-priests of the mechanical gods - bottom line "keep out".

Fun car especially when you try and go sideways around a curve.

Pierre out (Peace)
The Panamera is indeed a mechanical work of art,i have been reading many reviews on the car and it sounds VERY impressive.I just hope they look better in person than in photos,the design to me looks like a oddly proportioned hunchbacked mess,i hope to see one at the upcoming auto show to cast my final judgement.
Here she is! Doesnt do much for me,but I have not driven it!




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