Humbolt Broncos junior hockey team involved in crash.


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Oct 24, 2014
Krydor, Saskatchewan
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thought I'd post what I know about this tragic event that made world news. When I first seen the crash scene on tv I knew the semi was not just making a slow turn or .......... I ran my own tow truck for years and seen a few fatal accidents that had to clean up etc. This guy was moving pretty good to carry a bus that far from point of impact. I was in the RUH emergency room in Saskatoon a month ago. Started talking to the guy next to me who just happened to live near the crash site. He said his neighbor friend was there just minutes after the crash.. I won't describe what he saw. He said the semi driver could not talk english. When the cops tried to get him to produce his licence , he gave them his boss's licence , so it looked like the driver did not even have a licence, been here only a couple of weeks. Other witness's said they seen this semi just prior going through another town at high speed not slowing down. This guy went through this intersection before. There is a red light and stop sign. There is plenty of visibilty both ways to see oncoming traffic if you actually look. He did not look, did not slow down. They estimated him going about 130 kph. I find it hard to believe that fast as most trucks are governed but analysts can measure things out and calculate. Either way the driver was at fault and should of never been operating a truck. I could add more on the subject but I'll probably get banned here. Very sad what all happened, changed so many lives forever. What one second would of made if he crossed the highway before the bus hit.
Oct 30, 2013
Haliburton, Ontario
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There has been very little in the media about this tragedy lately. I believe they initially charged the truck driver then released him but have heard nothing since.

Still so very sad and you are right just a second either way.