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May 3, 2017
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Breaking news during the Jays game. The Humbolt Broncos team bus was involved in an accident with a Semi trailer earlier this afternoon. Early reports say multiple fatalities and both STARS helicopters have been sent to the scene. These are all kids 20 and under. This really brings back memories of the Swift Current Broncos bus crash back in 86 where four players were killed.
28 on the bus. 14 killed and 14 in hospital with at least 3 in critical condition. GM/Coach was one of the deceased as well as a 16 year old midget player who was called up for the playoffs after his own team was finished for the year. Extremely sad news. RIP

One of the guys on weekend shift I worked with last year has a nephew on that team. I haven’t heard anything yet aside from a text late last night saying that. Still waiting on more news.
Words cannot even begin to express feelings. Read on the news that it is now up to 15 fatalities now.:(:Angelsad2:
Still 14 who survived. The RCMP updated the number of people on the bus in the story I read tonight
It will not only be all of Canada expressing condolences but the sports world as well. This has touched so many......
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