Why on earth would they not respect the fans and get the season going and leave the negotiations to a mediator?

If the 2 sides can't come to terms, a mediator could come up with something fair to share the billions.

To answer your question, MDB, not very well -- very disappointed like everyone else.

Please consider helping lol

I feel SO BAD for those guys :( perhaps we could start a fund raiser? :D Poor dudes are losing 900.00 a day income :eek: HOW do they survive?????:canada:
Honestly, I couldn't care less. I rarely watch hockey anymore since the last lockout. Only know a handful of players names.
Yes it is frustrating, Wayne. The fans make it all possible by paying to watch -- and the irony is they're the ones getting crapped on.

I'll share a little honesty too and say that I don't watch hockey that much and I don't go to the rink to watch either but I do have some feelings for the crapped on fans who dearly love the game and fork out a lot of money to support it.

Whenever this happens I wish the fans would go on strike for better treatment just to get control of this nonsense.:mad:
I could care less! If they cared they would get on the ice like CCO stated. Right now we got NFL, NCAA, and Baseball Playoffs. Im satisfied with the sports, good riddance if the players are losing money!
c4vette, ford perfect and case... Couldn't agree with ALL of you more. Good riddance. These are even true "unions", they don't have a charter and wages are not standardized, they are an association of spoiled brats they wouldn't have a Chevy chevette to their names were it not for the silver spoons they get fed with to play a child's game.

I agree, if you love the game, watch the kids play... They still play for the enjoyment of it and celebrate as a team their successes, not bragging and taunting each other on their twitter accounts.
Tough crowd.

If I thought it would do any good I'd mention that the players have already said that they'd play without a contract until there is an agreement.

Apparently that's not good enough for the NHL who say no play without a contract -- so in effect to hell with the fans.

Gee I thought there would be more fans than this around here. If you're looking at me to hold the torch then forget about it; I'm a footie and golf fan.

I'm done. :seeya:

Who is it that signs these players to the big salaries in the first place? Have the owners ever disclosed just how much they make from all income sources? Are they being squeezed financially or do they just want ALL the money as is the trend in all big businesses today. For sure, some teams are in a non hockey market area such as Florida. I guess they had better figured out a way to farm out hockey to China as well.
I'd get into the labour legal ramblings of the players "offer" but will summarize only in this fashion.

The players offered to play under the current agreement, not without a contract. This would not protect the league and the owners from retroactive claims by players later for payments made to be adjusted backwards. This would not address other issues governed by the labour agreement pertaining to injury liability etc.

The other reason the agreement exists is to protect small market teams from from the richer teams escalating salaries and this making the small markets uncompetitive and creating a 2 tiered league.

Then there is the concept of the owners owning and the players playing. If players want to proportion their salaries to account for economical risk, cost of arenas, maintenance of the facilities and over head costs then they could forgoe their salaries for a "player owned" team whereby the players would receive no salaries whatsoever and they can cut up the gross profits to pay themselves with the remaining funds. Somehow i don't see the players staking any of their own pay as risk.
I lied. I'll re-enter and close with this:

No matter whom you sympathize with and whether you want to call an agreement a contract or not, wouldn't it have been nice not to hold the poor ticket paying public hostage simply because distribution of billions can't be agreed on?

Fans are not looking for more "labour legal ramblings of the players" or management either. There's enough of that on SportsCenter and in the papers to sink a battleship.

What would have been nice is a little hockey for the poor bastards who 'only' pay a lot of money to be able to enjoy an game they love.

Now I'm done.
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