Ontario 13% HST:eek:
Curved OEM mount sits flush in the grille with a curved/smoked cover.
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Ditto on that blue bomber697! The only thing more challenging is trying to get all your receipts from out of province business transactions so you can apply to the the 8% back - for example from Ontario purchases............


I agree... no front plates in NS either. Anytime I see cars from other provinces with front plates I feel SO badly for them. It ruins the front of every car... C7 included. Having said that, I suspect people who live in front plate provinces get use to seeing them and don't notice the plate after a while.
If only the roads weren't so crappy in Alberta. Winter is so hard, so potholes seem really bad out here. I hate it, as it feels like a video game when I drive sometimes. Low profile looks awesome, but still feels horrible on those skins.........

I agree thgh, glad I don't need a front plate!
" we don't need no stinkin badges "

Have omitted front plate for 26 years --- never been bothered.
Although, I suppose it could give a copper an excuse to stop you--
they have been pretty good here in Victoria.
I think C7 Jake did a really nice job on the front plate. Looks really good. I find the C7 a little more front plate friendly than the C6.

Do you know that the front plate actually helps the areodynamics on the C7? Spoken by Tadge himself. However, he did say that he recommends removing the plate and holder when tracking the car.
Right now my car is at a dealer and there is way too much snow in their lot to be able to move it to get 3M done. The temp in Alberta sucks right now.

Your dealer in Edmonton is doing your 3M for you? I hope you got an okay deal, dealers typically charge more than detailers do for that (I was quoted $2,720 I believe it was lol).

Which dealer if you dont mind me asking? Also seems a bit odd that they wouldn't have kept yours indoors or at least offered to ship it to your house.
No it's at the dealer until the snow clears then off to get the 3M. It's gonna be about 2 grand for the xpel. The car is in Drayton valley inside at least. It's a detail shop that's doing it.
Yeah the dealer shipped mine to me in February, and are shipping it back to their shop tomorrow for new tires.

It was shipped by Cliff's Towing. PM me if you want the contact name/info of the guy who operates the flatbed, apparently he has a lot of experience in flatbedding sports cars and is one of the few that do it in Edmonton.
I got mine done at Auto Details in Edmonton. No complaints here, and I also hear Eurotint does a good job too. You can haggle with them a little on their pricing, but they do a good job.

I believe I spent 1,000 for the mirrors, rockers to the rear wheel, 2 feet up on hood, front fenders and grill area.

As much as I don't like the look on my black paint, I know it was for the best. It's not THAT obvious anyways,

Good luck, and post pics when done!
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