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Nov 14, 2011
Jarvis Ontario
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Just got home from a snowmobile weekend up in Doug and Keith's neighbourhood....and man my body is a hurting unit.

My son has been bugging me for some time to come up to his father-in-laws cottage in Coe Hill. So Friday afternoon we set sail on the 401.....that in it's self was a treat. By the time we hit 115 the snow was starting to come and the wind was blowing like crazy. Hwy 28 was just as bad, but we made it safe and sound. I remember the day that kind of thing never bothered me.

So Saturday morning the kid fires up a 700 Polaris and says follow me. Well, at first it was kind of fun, but man 50 MPH through the bush is a little different than I remember. Were those trees always so darn close. And why are my arms and legs so tired, after just a few miles. The on the way home we stopped to fill the tanks. I don't ever remember a fill up on my old Yamaha costing me $35.

Then of course the ride home......but by then I guess I was at a point I just didn't give a rats behind, because I hit that 401 and Jane was hanging on to the holey s**t bar white knuckles.

To be honest, I really enjoyed the weekend with my kid and grandkids, but I am in no hurry to buy another machine. :nono:
Sounds like you had a great if not a little tiring weekend. The younger ones just don't seem bothered by the elements. Haliburton had a premier of a hockey movie last night and they drew 1400 people, it was minus 25 with the wind howling. About 1000 people still there at the end.

The new sleds are just so accommodating, ride like a Caddy go like a Corvette.
Kudos for braving the traffic, Brian -- News said it was awful most of the weekend.

Glad you had a nice time with the kids....

I hear you on the aches and pains. I find I have to pace myself a lot more than I used to.

Nice to be home safe and sound again.

:rofl: i hear ya brian. i sold my last sled 10 years ago,it just got too much for my joints and back - and it was a cat with 13 inch suspension !!! i made the switch to an atv - easier to ride - less rolling resistance. dr. buckhorn says " have a hot soak in the tub along with yer favourite booze " repeat as needed buddy :D

Here's couple pics of my new sled builds......little different than 10 years ago
A guy thinks he's in shape till winter shows up and you ride these for the first day


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Brian, if you uttered the words ( HOLD ONTO MY BEER AND WATCH DIS ) your a true sledder!!!!

Hey is that a knock on sledders???? Lol actually it is.... Part of the reason I quit drinking, that and I like to drive my car
The last time I was snowmobiling, we spent more time trying to keep the damn things running than we did riding them ! :)
It has been nearly 15 years since I was last on a snowmobile. We owned a number of snowmobiles when I was younger, and I always loved ripping around the woods on trails in all directions for as far as one can ride. I bought a new Skidoo 3 years ago because I have a few friends who own snowmobiles. I still remember the first Saturday we spent riding all day long. I could barely walk on Sunday. I didn't recall it being so painful when I was younger, so I totally feel where you are coming from. The good news is that doing it on a regular basis will have you getting used to the ride in no time at all.
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