That's cool that you would lend your nephew your car. I borrowed a car from my uncle for my grad. It was a 1970 lime green Cuda. Very nice. So, someday I may return the favor and lend my nephew my truck, hahaha.
We'll have to watch the weather. If it starts looking like last week, I think we should meet at Superstore where our cars can be nice and safe in their underground garage. I only say this as there is a thunderstorm watch for the evening that should be done by sunset.
Great meet tonight. The weather was so good, only a few cars showed up, but it was as enjoyable as ever. Mike and I did end up meeting with a guy who has a 65 fuelie vert. Pictures tomorrow...
I am down for the count for a bit..... did something to the tranny. No matter where the shifter is...I am in 5th...only way to disengauge is with the clutch. Can put it in 1st or any other gear and I am in 5th. Had to flat bed it into Extreme tranny on 8th. So hopefully (gulp) it will be ready for next thursday.

Here are pictures of the mini meet after the meet!



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