I'm New Here
Jun 28, 2009
1989 c4
Hello All,

It is finally a pleasure to join a Canadian Corvette Forum. :canada:

I have sent a message to the site admin about a week ago and have not herd back as of yet.

I thought that I would post my message to the admin in hopes of a reponse and direction.

I operate a Canadian automotive parts manufacturing business, which specializes in grilles for C4, C5 and C6 Corvettes and other popular vehicles.

I would like information about becoming a supporting vendor.

Our website is home

Please get back to me. :seeya:


Hey Peter! Welcome to the forum. I will put a fire under the admin's butt for you. I am surprised he did not reply as he is usually very reliable and on top of everything. Once again, welcome and make yourself at home.
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