I'm pleasantly impressed that we're even having this discussion. Between the mild weather we had in november and the dcent roads this january, I should have just left the insurance on it and gotten some snow tires!!! Lol
well... not with the snow plow you have installed on the front of that thing... actually it does represent a dual function though.... looks great in summer and cleans the driveway in the winter!!!

Well i'm not sure after i get my car back that it will be as driveable in the winter as it once was LOL
Well come on over Riley. I'm sure we can get your car through the snowbank in front of your car with a little tuck from my truck!


Well, given the size of the portable garage, I should have at least a good 4-5 foot run to make it over/through the snow drift. From there it should be an easy pull with the truck.

Does anyone know if there is even a place to hook on the front of the car if it needs a pull?


Just kidding Riley

Almost had the beast out for a rip yesterday, but then came to my senses :(

Well, it does make me think that I am living in the wrong part of the country. Does anyone out there, that has nice winters, know if their company is looking for a mechanical engineer?:D
Even with dry roads and seasonaly warm temps I would not take it out. I like to wait for a good rainfall or two in the spring to wash all the salt away.
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