Jan 30, 2009
Acton Ontario
2006 Vert
Well it feels like I got a new Vette.
I installed new Sumitomo HTRZ III tires on my car last weekend.
WOW!!!!!!! what a difference. I got rid of the original (Noisy, hard as a hockey puck) Good Year run-flats and went with the Sumitomo's.

We drove to Akron Ohio on the Run-flats and could hardly hear each other speak on the concrete highway. We also felt every joint in the road.
Installed the new tires down there and had a much more pleasurable drive home.
These tires are quiet, smooth and stick like glue to the road. Tire Rack rates them #1 in the performance tire category.

All said and done $532.00 US. plus $72.00 for Installation and balancing.
I think I got a great deal.
We also got to spend a fantastic long weekend with our friends in Ohio:canada:
The Tire Rack is absolutely unbeatable!! I ordered 2 335/35 17's for the Diablo and $6?? taxes and shipping in, and 3 days later they were here....In Saskatoon!! There was no where else here that said they could even get them within 3 months, and at a very ridiculous price.
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