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Apr 27, 2010
Sherwood Park
1998 roadster 6spd
Got my work cut out for me this weekend. Just bought a new front air dam to replace my ratched up one, so will install that. Going to pull the drivers seat to try and fix the "rocking" problem (it's bad), and finally, going to pull the heater control to fix the dim display.

Next on the list is to order a drivers seat control trim piece, as mine is broken.

I know you probably want pics so I'll do my best, but might have my nose to the grindstone...
I bought a kit off fleebay for the sliding seat mod, will try to install in a few days
and also post up some photos. Good luck with your repairs.


OK, I did the heater control repair. In the above images you will see the fully functional and bright as new display, followed by a pic of the job in progress. I used some info I found while surfing the net for repair options.

Mostly it went well although I had to buy a new soldering iron because those resistors are SO TINY!! I had a heck of a time with them, and there were in fact 3 that were loose. My procedure was to re-melt the existing solder and then add a bit more and call it good. On 3 of them as I was melting the solder, the other side of the resistor had already let go unbeknownst to me, and when the solder was liquid- Zoom! away went the resistor, flying off the board. I will say that all the connections sure looked good, and I had my doubts about whether this would work. It most certainly did, and I saved a pile of cash.

There is not a ton of room to work on that board- have to be mindful to watch the other components as you maneuver the iron in just-such-a-way to get to the resistors. I burned the plastic off a capacitor (oops) as I hit it with the bottom of the heated barrel.

The best part is, all the controls still work, and the car still starts! (knock wood) I never lost any bolts or screws, and learned that there is very little that hold those interior components together.

HLN A55, you spent $10 on what? Your seat fix? I looked high and low today for nylon washers to fill the gap created by the worn out bumpers in the seat rail, and did not find any. That is the next thing to tackle as the rocking is driving me nuts.
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We are not supposed to allow links to other Corvette forums and I've covered the reasons in other threads. As much I would would prefer you to reinvent the wheel, I'll leave this link alone this time and hope people come back here to discuss their thoughts on the fix or whatever else further.
Finished the seat fix. Toughest part was lifting the seat in and out of the car! And grinding down 7/16 washers to act as bushings.


Guts of the seat


Adjuster with mashed up rubber bushing. It was like goo, nothing really left of the rubber. Apparent reaction with grease is what causes destruction of bushings.


Washer, anyone? I ground down 6 of these to fit in the void left after the bushing was cleaned out.
Took delivery of the seat trim, the one that houses the power seat switches. Mine was broken and repaired poorly. It finally came apart.

Took apart the trim and seat switches, put the new trim up to find it had an extra mounting post! Apparently this was a upgrade to counteract the ease of breakage of that piece.

It meant cutting (eek!!) the leather and I though drilling a hole was in order too, but once I test fitted it I found it just naturally found a place to go. Had I drilled a hole in the frame it would have been too low, as there is very little to mess with there.

No pics of that, it's just seat trim.

Still have to tackle the front air dam. Maybe tonite, maybe not!
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