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Feb 9, 2009
russell ontario
Hi everybody , just wondering how many of you have thought about getting a car hoist. Now a days there are affordable and easy to install ,either 2 post or 4 post . I bought one a few years ago and love it , when I worked at Sears I had a two post, but bought a four post for the simple reason it came with casters and when the car is on it you can roll it out of the way. Ron
One of the Sask members has one and I am sure he will have many things to add when he sees this thread.

As for me I do want one but not anytime soon, my other vehicles are to tall to fit under it for storage so for me it would not be to useful, cool yes, useful no.

This was before we installed a side-mount garage door opener. The car goes right to the roof now and you can stand up straight under it!

I've been putting getting a door opener off because of the hoist but I got one last week that mounts to the side ,it's going to be great when it's hooked up.
For you guys in the west there's place in BC I think Victoria it's called Babco I think and they have the hoists there of many type and different combination , and there not that pricy. Ron
The side mount opener is a must with a hoist. I would never go back to the convential opener anyways since the side mount is such a cleaner install. With a side mount you can extend the door rails higher up also.
some day....

I want a hoist... but wife says :nono: until we take care of other "important" things at home first......

It would be particularly good to follow her lead since I sold her car to buy my Vette! LOL :driving:
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