Nov 12, 2009
New Brunswick
2006 C6
Front Facing Camera with Monitor Installation Instructions

For those that had interest in the front camera install on a C6, to prevent damaging the front end on curbs while parking, here it is.

I bought both the camera and monitor from

The camera was $15.00 Night Vision Parking Car Rear View Wide Angle LED Reversing CMOS Camera: Car Electronics

The monitor was approx $26.00 4.3'' Color TFT Car Monitor Support 480 x 272 Resolution + Car/Automobile Rear-view System Mirror Display Monitor: Electronics

I made my own bracket for mounting the camera on the air deflector, using the center bolt to attach the bracket/camera. Initially, the monitor was attached to a small door hinge, and the hinge was bolted under the dash. It folds up when not in use, and is folded down when using the camera. The mount that came with the monitor was removed, and the monitor cover removed and screwed to the door hinge, and the monitor cover put back together.
To keep the hinge very tight, the pin is taken out, and bent a bit, then re-inserted.
Since that initial monitor install position, I have removed the monitor from under the dash, and have mounted the monitor on the Driver side sunvisor.
The instructions, and a PDF file is available further down in this thread.

Camera mounted to air deflector - Notice the heatproof material on top of camera to protect from heat coming from radiator.

Monitor flipped down to expose screen

Monitor flipped up and out of view, when not in use

The hardest job was to feed the wires to the inside of the car. I ran the wires inside black cable tubing, tucked as nicely as possible, under the coolant recovery tank, then under the power brake booster, to inside the car, through the hole I had drilled through the firewall. I had to remove the left foot rest, drill a 3/4" hole just above the foot rest, for the monitor wires to come through. For the power to the camera, I spliced the power wire for the camera to the left fog light, soldered, heat shrink tubing, and taped.

To turn the camera/monitor on, I turn the fog lights on, and they power up.

This was my winter project last year, so I took my time, and it turned out to my liking.

I drove through monsoon rains during my 4500 mile road trip this year, and the camera held up great.

I don't have pics readily available, but I can snap a few of the camera mounting area, and the monitor mounting area, up and down for you to get an idea. When i have those, I'll post them here. (done)

For use as a back up camera, the power can be spliced into the back up light, and wires are much easier to get into the cabin to a monitor, or to the Nav screen if the lockpix is used.
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That looks Awesome! Great job!!!!

Thank you, it works well for staying away from parking curbs :D

For some reason, the front ends on these cars are hard to judge how far away one is from curbs etc. Before I put on this camera, I hit more curbs while parking than I can count. Not much issue for low ones, but some of those 4" inch high ones can do damage to the front nose for sure.
It probably doesn't help that I have my car lowered by 3/4" to boot, so the curbs no longer fit under the bumper.
Changed Monitor Location

Since my baby is in the garage, it was time to do a mod which I originally wanted to do when I installed my front camera for parking safely away from parking curbs.
As my first post indicates, I placed my monitor under the dash, which could flip down when using the camera, and fold up and hidden when not in use.

Today, I removed the monitor from under the dash, and installed in on the drivers side sunvisor.
This took most of the day, because
1) I had to remove the sunvisor from the car.
2) I had to remove the vanity mirror from the sunvisor
3) I took the cover off the vanity mirror, measured and modified (cut) an opening in the cover, which the monitor would fit perfectly snug.
4) Drilled a hole on the top part of the cover (above the monitor) on each side, and placed a rod through the drilled holes, across the back of the cover, and epoxed each end on the inside.
5) Once the opening was perfect, the monitor was fit into the opening, and hot glued / epoxied in a few places around the monitor on the backside of the cover.
6) In order to attach the cover to the sunvisor, mounting tabs were hot glued / epoxed into the sunvisor on the top area where the vanity mirror used to be.
The rod then snaps into the mounting tabs to secure the top part of the cover/monitor to the sunvisor.
7) The bottom part of the cover was secured to the sunvisor with industrial velcro. (I have since added bottom rods and clips)
8) The power cable and video cables were run inside the sunvisor, and out to where the sunvisor attaches to the top windshield molding
9) The power and cable feeds from the camera to the monitor are run up inside the driver windshield pillar.
10) All the wiring /lights and switch (taped off) for the vanity mirror were left and tucked into the sunvisor opening. The wiring was still needed for the homelink/garage door opener buttons.

Patience and alot of thought went into measuring, cutting etc, so it would look OEM when finished. It turned out pretty nice. I'm sure I'll tweak it some more over the winter. :D
The thing I like about this mod is that the cover/monitor can be removed from the visor without damaging anything, just in case the monitor has to be replaced down the road.
Here are the pics of the finished product: I think it looks much better there, than it did under the dash. IMO

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PDF file for instructions on how to mount monitor to sunvisor

For anyone who may want to do the mod of mounting a 4.3" monitor to a sunvisor, I have a pdf that I can send to you. It's too big to attach to this forum. It includes pics.

It does not show how to remove the sunvisor from the car, nor removing the vanity mirror, but both are very simple to do.

PM me your email if you want a copy.
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I've had my Vette just under 3 weeks now and yea...I can already see myself needing to install this mod.
PM on the way...and thanks again for taking time to post this for us.

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