Dec 15, 2012
2005 C6 LS2
Hey Everyone,
I have a 2005 Base Model C6. Purchased Used in Nov 2012. No accidents on the car, at least none that were reported...and we even had it scanned to see if the air bags had been deployed. Again, a no there as well.

Here's my problem and my question....

Naturally the whole group of body panels is supposed to align 'flush' for lack of better words but my front bumper where it meets the headlights and front side fenders pops up about 1 CM.

As a matter of fact I've noticed that with temperature changes it raises up even higher.
When I press on it I does go back down 'flush' but gradually pops back up again and it does this on both sides.

Any suggestions here? I'm sure this is not normal but short of bringing it in to a body shop or Chevrolet, does anyone have any ideas?

Please disregard how dirty the car is. It's raining today.

Thanks in advance.



Down under the front are a pair of bars that are part of the front rad cradle assembly. People pull into parking spots riding these up onto curbs and that can move things around. Check the underside and you very well could find these bars badly scraped. You can actually buy plastic "shoes" to cover the metal.

Backing into parking spots the way I do, this becomes a non issue.
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