No. It wasn't on your end. I had issues getting on as well and Colin sent me an email to let me know that he was not able to get on. Sometimes our host completes maintenance and does server upgrades which causes the forum to be down for a bit. I wish they would give us a heads up but maybe we are just little fish in a big pond. :D

As for your connection DrJer......not too sure...and I think it will just get worse as the internet will have an even more difficult time keeping up to your car!
Terrible ,just terrible .My wife drove me to the hospital thought I was having a stroke everything was blank :D
It was down from Quebec to, happy everything is back to normal......or is this normal? :D

We're all normal, Steph -- it's the rest of the world that's bonkers.:D

Glad we're back up and running too. Don't tell anyone but I don't know what I'd do without this place. -- I'd probably end up sane. and not sure I would know how to handle that. :D

Hmmm. Must have been a short duration. I wasn't on the ol net that early. I would like to find out why this happens however, getting this figured out is like taking your car to the mechanic after it starts working again so they can't find the problem. Everytime I contact our host, by the time they look at it, the forum is working again so they report that it's working fine! :rofl:
Yep down here but not the end of the world .my laptop crashed along with my tablet .Im down to an iPhone -great a blind man with a 2 inch screen
Maybe a computer upgrade Keith? I've also found defragging, and cleanups with a good program helps mine immeasurably.

Just a thought.


Our computer is set up to defrag once a week and I did a cleanup anyway. I get a message down in the left had corner that it is waiting on whatever web site I am trying to access. It's there for a moment or two or three then goes into that web site. It is either waiting for some web site or waiting to establish a secure connection on others but either way, I am waiting and from seconds to a minute or two on others.
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